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We refer to an endeavor of the ‘40’s as a guide to efforts we must wage today: the U.S. then was in a race to first develop the atom bomb, to prevent the loss of freedom in the world. That effort, The Manhattan Project, was successful, and put an end to World War II. A venture of equal, if not greater level is needed to defeat our present foes.


The Manhattan Project 2, or MP2 was conceived for this purpose, and is already being carried out to some extent. It is presently not supported by any government agency, but we urge the U.S. President to investigate this matter. Let him check if our words are true and relevant, and let him give his views to our public. Let him help us separate facts from fiction about energy, devoid of notions which propagandists might have inculcated in our minds. 


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THOMAS JEFFERSON proclaimed that “if a nation expects to be ignorant and free….it expects what never was and never will be.” We submit that our destiny is largely tied to our supply of energy, and that leaders of the greens have misled us on this issue. Thus we seek an honest discourse about energy, with conviction that truth will vanquish falsehoods on this case.

Greens are certain to oppose such proceedings. Their claims were hardly challenged through the years and, for fear of losing influence, they seek to keep it that way. Yet people, by the millions, have begun to realize that there are serious flows with our policy on energy, and that something must be done to correct it. However, most of them are confused on how to handle this issue, and need to know the facts on energy devoid of hype.
The U.S. President has the “bully pulpit” to present the truth on this to our people. Propagandists buried facts on energy beneath an avalanche of half-truths and deceptions, and it is time to reveal them one by one. For the sake of our economy, as well as national security, we must act to prevent extra hardships from becoming cataclysmic events. Winter will soon be here, and the wholesale price of heating gas is four times higher than it was four years ago, while the cost of heating oil is also reaching catastrophic levels. The elderly and poor suffer
most from such conditions.


We believe that our President should explain this in detail; and, to protect our nation against terrorism and economic disaster, let him declare a state of national emergency in our country and take the steps described in Section VI.   The pages that precede it show why we seek this approach; why the claims by greens that “greedy capitalist” are blocking us from their “alternatives” for energy are “politically correct” but, in reality, are false and deceptive; why, even Israel, with all its sunshine, is using solar for heating water and other minor applications, but not to electrify its industries and cities; why socialists nations many greens have cherished through the decades, aren’t using these ”alternatives” to any meaningful extent, and are building fossil and/or nuclear power plants instead.


We then present a plan of action to resolve our energy dilemma consistent with cleaner/safer surroundings than we now possess, as well as a vast improvement in our economy, and an end to sending money to our enemies as payment for their oil – that is money they are using to force Islamic law upon the world.


We ask our President to convey this message to our nation, and are providing data he may use for this at will. A single broadcast is inadequate to offer all that data, and he may wish to furnish it via several broadcasts, as Franklyn Roosevelt did in his time. In addition, let him issue a booklet with the same material, so people can refer to it, as needed. Read Strike Back Or Die


October 30, 2005  Roanoke Times Commentary "Needed: A Manhattan Project For Energy"

by Bill Mashburn, professor emeritus, mechanical engineering and former Director of the Energy Management Institute at Virginia Tech.  Read the Full Commentary



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