An Essay On Our

Need To Strike Back Or Die...


by Michael Oliver


Mike Oliver is a survivor of Nazi concentration camps . He came to the U.S. in 1947 and served in its air force during the Korean War. He later worked in the U.S. space program and, in 1995, co-authored a book entitled "Environmentalism Gone Berserk" with co- author  Dr. John Hospers, Professor Emeritus of the University of Southern California.

Strike Back or Die!, also authored by Oliver and Hospers, describes the need to end U.S. purchases of foreign oil. It is a need resulting in the delivery of immense amounts of money to our enemies, and thus enabling them to finance war and world terrorism. "Greens " exerted influence to an extent where not a single oil refinery has been built in the U.S. since 1976, and with the same influence they are crippling access to our viable supplies of energy.  “Strike Back or Die!” describes a plan to stop this trek to our destruction, and shows that it is already being implemented at this time. It is consistent with clean and safe surroundings, and a vast improvement in our economic conditions.

We, the authors of this statement, having studied the U.S. energy dilemma, recognize that not just our economy, but also our existence, has thereby been imperiled.  We therefore launched a
 project aimed to solve this problem consistent with sound environmental
 practices and an improvement in the living standard of our people.




It is a fact that U.S. purchases of foreign oil raise its price on world markets regardless where we buy it. Thus, even if we scarcely do any business with Iran and other hostile countries, they get extra cash for their petroleum from other buyers, and use it to finance terrorism, as well as to acquire deadly weapons, while their main supplier, North Korea, earns income for enhancing its own arsenal.  Experts say that, while countries, such as China, also purchase oil from outside sources, an end to U.S. imports of that oil would vastly increase its supply on world markets, and cause its price to sink to $15 or less per barrel, without OPEC being able to prevent this

Notwithstanding claims by populists, supply and demand still rules the price of items we purchase on the market. Notice what occurred to costs of computers, DVD’s and TV sets: competition and abundance of these products keeps their price in check. On the other side, green extremist make construction costs of building lots ever more expensive, and their price has soared beyond the means of countless people. The poorest in our midst suffer most from this. 

Since energy is used in all endeavors, a drastic cut in its price would help us more than a deep reduction in our taxes, while the cash to fund the terrorists would sharply fall. U.S. energy independence would thus enhance not only our security, but also our economy.

Many statements have been made about this issue, but they were largely tainted by “political correctness” -- the censorship that blinds us to reality and is giving aid and comfort to our foes. Attempts to tap the vast oil and gas reserves in Alaska and in other areas under U.S. jurisdiction, and build extra nuclear power plants as well, were blocked by green extremists, and their helpers in the Congress and the news media, as well as academia.  They claim that, even if requests like these were quickly granted, no new oil or gas, or nuclear power could be available to us for at least a decade.  They hardly mention how fast we act and get results when our people are acquainted with the facts:

With less than half our current population, and a technology far behind its present state, we built the 1,200-mile Alaska Highway within a 12-month period, and developed atomic bombs within less than four years. The bombs killed many Japanese, but saved the lives of just as many (or more) Americans, and even people of Japan, in ending World War II.


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